Mission Espada, San Antonio, Texas

I had an errand to run in San Antonio today, so I made a quick trip out to Mission San Francisco de la Espada.  I just wanted to drop by there for a few minutes for photography practice.  Most San Antonians probably already know about Mission Espada, but if you’re not from around here you can read about it at the above link.

The chapel main entrance.  Sometimes, especially if you go there on a weekday, you can also go inside and look around, but today they had baptisms going on and we stayed outside.  This is still used by an active parish, as are all of the missions except for the Alamo.

It was not a good time of day to be there–around midday, so it made for some rather harsh lighting, but I wasn’t going to schedule a special late afternoon trip to take pictures–at least not today.

IMG_0685Here’s another shot of the chapel front in portrait.

Zoomed in on the bells.  It appears that the arch over the top bell was rebuilt from different materials (bricks instead of stones) at some later date.  One of the things I have noticed since I started taking lots of photos is that I notice many details in the photo that I missed when I was on site.  I’ve been to this place several times and I hadn’t noticed the brick thing before.  Today the glare was pretty bad and I don’t think I could have noticed it with my naked eyes anyway.

This was the photo I most wanted to capture and I took numerous shots of it.


A portrait of the front door.  This may sound strange, but I have always been kind of fascinated by large, heavy wooden doors and their immediate surroundings.  Yeah, now that I’ve actually typed it out loud, it does sound strange, but there it is.  If you click through and view the full size version on my Flickr site, you should be able to see lots of wood-grainy goodness.

There isn’t much else to see here; this is the smallest of all the missions.  There are still some walls left of the various living quarters, but if I remember correctly, when this was built it was never completely finished as it was intended to be, so some of the ruins are of walls that were never really finished anyway.  I hope to revisit the other missions over time and post some photos of them as well.


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