I have been interested in an fascinated by photography since I was very young, but never seriously pursued it because I knew that paying for film developing of the hundreds (or thousands) of photos I would need to take to learn the art would be too expensive.

I recently (finally!) got around to purchasing a digital camera.  It is not the greatest digital camera in the world but it’s a great new tool for a beginner like me.  Now I can afford to take all those photos and, I hope, learn how to do it well.

This blog will show photos taken with both digital and film cameras, and occasionally maybe even a phone photo that turned out not too bad.  (I don’t have a smart phone, just an “old-fashioned” phone with a 1.3 mp camera).  Maybe some of these photos will be interesting for those who happen across them, maybe they’ll all be junk, but in either case,  this is my journey.


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