Marcelina Cemetery gate

IMG_1058-1600 by alandp
IMG_1058-1600, a photo by alandp on Flickr.

Under the overpass

My phone doesn’t take very good photos. I have very little control over exposure and none at all over focus and depth of field. So, I don’t often post them here. I usually only post them on another blog to show people things I’ve seen without much concern for photo quality. But I kind of like the way this one turned out, so here it is.


IMG_1068-1600 by alandp
IMG_1068-1600, a photo by alandp on Flickr.

One of the oldest markers in the cemetery for a woman who was 33 years old when she passed away in 1899.

This and the previous cemetery photos are from Marcelina Cemetery in Wilson County, Texas.

Concrete tombstones and flag

IMG_1059edit2jpg by alandp
IMG_1059edit2jpg, a photo by alandp on Flickr.

Rough hand-made concrete tombstones for infants who lived briefly during the early 1920s. The flag may be marking one of the several “lost” graves in this cemetery.

Tombstone sheep

IMG_1073-1600 by alandp
IMG_1073-1600, a photo by alandp on Flickr.

A very old tombstone in Marcelina Cemetery, Wilson County, Texas. I don’t know what the significance of the sheep is. Maybe he was a sheep rancher? I have several relatives and ancestors buried in this cemetery, but this man was not one of them.

Polyhedron dice

IMG_1021 by alandp
IMG_1021, a photo by alandp on Flickr.

I tumbled these in a small Mason jar rolled on its side and backlit them with a Maglite.  Three more photos of them at my Flickr photostream.

Windmill in twilight

IMG_0717 by alandp
IMG_0717, a photo by alandp on Flickr.

Once again, my trusty ornamental windmill provides a focal point for another photo. It was spinning slowly at the time.